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Compression tights & outdoor tights for men

What exactly are compression tights? The main point of compression is that the pressure on the tissues increases the venous return to the heart, which counteracts swollen legs, for example. Compression clothing simply improves blood circulation. OK, but how can compression garments help me? The pressure makes blood return to the heart faster during activity and rest. The compression also helps to clear the tissues of waste products, which has positive effects on the recovery after training. Using compression garments during and after training means that the muscles recover significantly faster. Less training pain and stronger muscles simply!

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GAVELO Los Angeles Compression tightsGAVELO Los Angeles Compression tights
GAVELO Los Angeles Compression tights <tc>Sale price</tc>599 kr
GAVELO Shield Outdoor Tights MenGAVELO Shield Outdoor Tights Men
GAVELO Shield Outdoor Tights Men <tc>Sale price</tc>649 kr
<tc>Sold out</tc>GAVELO Sniper Camo Green Compression TightsGAVELO Sniper Camo Green Compression Tights
GAVELO Sniper Camo Blue Compression TightsGAVELO Sniper Camo Blue Compression Tights
GAVELO Marvellizzard Red Compression TightsGAVELO Marvellizzard Red Compression Tights
GAVELO Marvellizzard Black Compression TightsGAVELO Marvellizzard Black Compression Tights
GAVELO GreenBeret Compression tightsGAVELO GreenBeret Compression tights
GAVELO GreenBeret Compression tights <tc>Sale price</tc>599 kr