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Get first. Pay late.

These terms for invoice apply between you and this store when shopping for goods, and you have chosen to pay with invoice.

When you choose to pay with invoice, we offer you the opportunity to pay 14 days from its sending the goods for delivery. We transfer our payment for your purchase to Klarna Bank AB ("Klarna"). Klarna will send you a payment instructions where you will pay directly to Klarna. For contact information and additional information about Klarna, go toklarna.se.

If you have previously chosen to connect to the month invoice service, the invoice will instead be included in your monthly invoice in accordance with the conditions that apply toMonthly invoice.  

Costs and fees.

We charge an invoice fee of SEK 0 per purchase. On late payment, a reminder is sent out to you where you are required to pay a reminder fee. Have you shopped for less than SEK 29.00, and have been dealing for SEK 60 or more will be SEK 60.00 in reminder fee. Also an interest on 24.00% plus current reference rate is added. If no payment is then required, the claim may be submitted for debt collection management where additional debt collection costs may apply.

Credit check and personal data treatment

When you choose to pay with invoice, Klarna makes a credit check. If a credit report is taken, you will be notified of this and get a copy of the credit report sent by mail or e-mail. We do not inform banks or other lenders about a possible credit report and it also does not affect your credit rating / score. Klarna treats your personal data to fulfill our commitments under this Agreement and for the other objectives reported in our data protection information. Data protection information can be found here, or on our website, and by using clarified services, you also confirm that you have taken note of this data protection information. We treat your personal data among other things to perform identification, customer analysis, credit testing, marketing and business development. We can also transfer your personal data to selected partners (such as credit rating agencies), which can be established in a state outside the EU / EEA. You will find more information about our sharing of personal data, your rights in relation to these, how you can contact us with questions, or contact the authority with complaints, in the data protection information.


You may not transfer or transfer any rights or obligations you have according to these terms. To the extent that is not otherwise already allowed according to the applicable law, Klarna, when entirely, transferring or transmitting these conditions or the rights and / or obligations that apply under these conditions, however, provided that such transmission or transfer is not to your disadvantage, And do not change the rights and obligations you have according to these conditions.

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