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Gavelo sports you up! Regardless of whether you build muscles in the gym, run, do Crossfit or play racket sports, Gavelos training clothes work for you! All our training clothes are developed with a focus on function and design. We strive to maintain the highest possible quality in all our products. Regardless of whether you choose a t-shirt, tank top, shorts, tights, joggers or tracksuit, you can be sure that you will get a garment that we are proud of. Gavelo stands for quality, fit and unique design, and that the clothes perform in top class, no matter what your training consists of!

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NYHETGAVELO Athleisure Joggers BlueGAVELO Athleisure Joggers Blue
GAVELO Athleisure Joggers Blue <tc>Sale price</tc>699 kr
NYHETGAVELO Athleisure Joggers BlackGAVELO Athleisure Joggers Black
GAVELO Athleisure Joggers Black <tc>Sale price</tc>699 kr
NYHETGAVELO Athleisure T-Shirt BlackGAVELO Athleisure T-Shirt Black
GAVELO Athleisure T-Shirt Black <tc>Sale price</tc>429 kr
NYHETGAVELO Athleisure T-Shirt Urban steel blueGAVELO Athleisure T-Shirt Urban steel blue
NYHETGAVELO Athleisure T-Shirt Deep wood peatGAVELO Athleisure T-Shirt Deep wood peat
GAVELO Power Sleeveless HoodieGAVELO Power Sleeveless Hoodie
GAVELO Power Sleeveless Hoodie <tc>Sale price</tc>499 kr
GAVELO Power Sleeveless TeeGAVELO Power Sleeveless Tee
GAVELO Power Sleeveless Tee <tc>Sale price</tc>399 kr
GAVELO Performance Shorts BlackGAVELO Performance Shorts Black
GAVELO Performance Shorts Black <tc>Sale price</tc>599 kr
GAVELO FlexForge Mesh Pro PantsGAVELO FlexForge Mesh Pro Pants
GAVELO FlexForge Mesh Pro Pants <tc>Sale price</tc>699 kr
GAVELO Performance Greyline Rashguard T-shirtGAVELO Performance Greyline Rashguard T-shirt
GAVELO Performance Blueline Rashguard T-shirtGAVELO Performance Blueline Rashguard T-shirt
GAVELO Performance Redline Rashguard T-shirtGAVELO Performance Redline Rashguard T-shirt
GAVELO Performance Shorts GreyGAVELO Performance Shorts Grey
GAVELO Performance Shorts Grey <tc>Sale price</tc>599 kr
GAVELO Performance Shorts RedGAVELO Performance Shorts Red
GAVELO Performance Shorts Red <tc>Sale price</tc>599 kr
GAVELO Performance Shorts BlueGAVELO Performance Shorts Blue
GAVELO Performance Shorts Blue <tc>Sale price</tc>599 kr
GAVELO Power Rashguard BlackGAVELO Power Rashguard Black
GAVELO Power Rashguard Black <tc>Sale price</tc>399 kr
GAVELO El Segundo Oversize T-Shirt BlueGAVELO El Segundo Oversize T-Shirt Blue
GAVELO El Segundo Oversize T-Shirt Blue <tc>Sale price</tc>429 kr
GAVELO Xtreme Cargo joggersGAVELO Xtreme Cargo joggers
GAVELO Xtreme Cargo joggers <tc>Sale price</tc>699 kr
GAVELO String bagGAVELO String bag
GAVELO String bag <tc>Sale price</tc>159 kr
GAVELO Shield Outdoor Jacket MenGAVELO Shield Outdoor Jacket Men
GAVELO Shield Outdoor Jacket Men <tc>Sale price</tc>699 kr
GAVELO El Segundo Oversize T-Shirt Steel GreyGAVELO El Segundo Oversize T-Shirt Steel Grey
GAVELO El Segundo Oversize T-Shirt BlackGAVELO El Segundo Oversize T-Shirt Black
GAVELO Amplify Tank BeigeGAVELO Amplify Tank Beige
GAVELO Amplify Tank Beige <tc>Sale price</tc>349 kr
GAVELO Amplify Tank BlackGAVELO Amplify Tank Black
GAVELO Amplify Tank Black <tc>Sale price</tc>349 kr
GAVELO Victory Softpant WhiteGAVELO Victory Softpant White
GAVELO Victory Softpant White <tc>Sale price</tc>599 kr
GAVELO Sports Tee WhiteGAVELO Sports Tee White
GAVELO Sports Tee White <tc>Sale price</tc>349 kr
GAVELO Sports Tee BeigeGAVELO Sports Tee Beige
GAVELO Sports Tee Beige <tc>Sale price</tc>349 kr
GAVELO Vintage Khaki Rashguard T-ShirtGAVELO Vintage Khaki Rashguard T-Shirt
GAVELO Vintage Khaki Rashguard T-Shirt <tc>Sale price</tc>349 kr
GAVELO Power Shorts Vintage KhakiGAVELO Power Shorts Vintage Khaki
GAVELO Power Shorts Vintage Khaki <tc>Sale price</tc>399 kr
GAVELO Shield Outdoor Tights MenGAVELO Shield Outdoor Tights Men
GAVELO Shield Outdoor Tights Men <tc>Sale price</tc>649 kr
GAVELO Shield Long Sleeve RashguardGAVELO Shield Long Sleeve Rashguard
GAVELO Shield Long Sleeve Rashguard <tc>Sale price</tc>449 kr
Save 100 krGAVELO Sniper White ShortsGAVELO Sniper White Shorts
GAVELO Sniper White Shorts <tc>Sale price</tc>299 kr <tc>Regular price</tc>399 kr
Save 175 krGAVELO Sniper Green Sleeveless TeeGAVELO Sniper Green Sleeveless Tee
GAVELO Sniper Green Sleeveless Tee <tc>Sale price</tc>174 kr <tc>Regular price</tc>349 kr
GAVELO Los Angeles Compression tightsGAVELO Los Angeles Compression tights
GAVELO Los Angeles Compression tights <tc>Sale price</tc>599 kr
Gavelo Track Jacket Brixton WhiteGavelo Track Jacket Brixton White
Gavelo Track Jacket Brixton White <tc>Sale price</tc>999 kr
Gavelo Track Jacket Brixton BlueGavelo Track Jacket Brixton Blue
Gavelo Track Jacket Brixton Blue <tc>Sale price</tc>999 kr
Gavelo Track Jacket BlackGavelo Track Jacket Black
Gavelo Track Jacket Black <tc>Sale price</tc>599 kr
Gavelo Track Jacket Carbon GreyGavelo Track Jacket Carbon Grey
Gavelo Track Jacket Carbon Grey <tc>Sale price</tc>599 kr
Save 100 krGAVELO Sniper Green Rashguard T-shirtGAVELO Sniper Green Rashguard T-shirt
GAVELO Sniper Green Rashguard T-shirt <tc>Sale price</tc>249 kr <tc>Regular price</tc>349 kr
GAVELO Track Pant BlackGAVELO Track Pant Black
GAVELO Track Pant Black <tc>Sale price</tc>499 kr
GAVELO Track Pant Carbon GreyGAVELO Track Pant Carbon Grey
GAVELO Track Pant Carbon Grey <tc>Sale price</tc>499 kr
GAVELO Victory Softpant BlackGAVELO Victory Softpant Black
GAVELO Victory Softpant Black <tc>Sale price</tc>599 kr
GAVELO Victory Softpant GreyGAVELO Victory Softpant Grey
GAVELO Victory Softpant Grey <tc>Sale price</tc>599 kr
GAVELO Power Shorts RaisinGAVELO Power Shorts Raisin
GAVELO Power Shorts Raisin <tc>Sale price</tc>399 kr
GAVELO Power Shorts Deep DiveGAVELO Power Shorts Deep Dive
GAVELO Power Shorts Deep Dive <tc>Sale price</tc>399 kr
GAVELO Power Shorts BlackGAVELO Power Shorts Black
GAVELO Power Shorts Black <tc>Sale price</tc>399 kr
<tc>Sold out</tc>Save 200 krGAVELO Sniper Green ShortsGAVELO Sniper Green Shorts
GAVELO Sniper Green Shorts <tc>Sale price</tc>From 199 kr <tc>Regular price</tc>399 kr
GAVELO GreenBeret Compression tightsGAVELO GreenBeret Compression tights
GAVELO GreenBeret Compression tights <tc>Sale price</tc>599 kr
GAVELO Marvellizzard Black Compression TightsGAVELO Marvellizzard Black Compression Tights
GAVELO Marvellizzard Red Compression TightsGAVELO Marvellizzard Red Compression Tights