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It means everything to see our carefully designed clothes on our customers in social media.

Sometimes we ask customers if we can share their pictures / videos in our channels and on our site. The pictures are published on the start page and on each product / category page to give customers an opportunity to see our products "for real". The pictures can also be published in our other channels, including on Instagram, Facebook and Newsletter.

By responding to our request with hashtag #yesgavelo you agree to the following:

You give Gavelo AB a non-exclusive, royalty-free, worldwide license to use the pictures in which you replied with #Yesgavelo, henceforth referred as "image", in their marketing and / or advertising, including in galleries on the website, newsletter, social media and e-mail.

You also confirm that you own all rights to your pictures, that you have received approval that people shown in the pictures and that Gavelo AB has the right to use the images without violating third parties' rights or applicable laws.

Hereby you depreciate Gavelo AB from all requirements to pay you for the use of your images and the rights linked to the above uses, which also means that you approve and disclose Gavelo AB and anyone who works to Gavelo AB from requirements and responsibility, regardless of reason, linked to the use of the images as described above.

You are welcome to contact us on questions about our services and data protection laws at: info@gavelo.se

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