GAVELO Seamless Camo Sports Bra

199 kr 399 kr

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A pirate black seamless sports bra in camo pattern. Medium support. Pockets with removable inserts. Slim shoulder straps in a nice pattern in the back. Wide, ribbed hem at bottom for maximum comfort!
Stylish and incredibly comfortable sports bra in a fabric that breathes and feels soft against the skin. Fits perfectly with Seamless Camo leggings or as a casual bra for everything!

Washing instructions

Avoid washing with fabric softener. It clogs the pores and causes the material to lose breathability. Removes the posts before washing.It can also affect the elasticity and then part of the support automatically disappears. Wash your bra at 40 degrees and feel free to turn it inside out. Avoid tumble drying as it wears on the bra.

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